Places to clean before the holidays

Halloween is over, and that means that the big rush to Thanksgiving and Christmas begins! Before you host your friends and family in your home this year, take some extra steps to ensure that your home is clean and healthy for the holidays.

There are some measures you can take to help keep your entire house cleaner throughout the year, but especially before the holidays. A few experts weigh in on how to manage this holiday season.

The team at Springfield Clean Freaks, cleaning services Springfield MO, recommends that you think of the inner parts of your home:

"Clean your air duct and vents! Dirty air ducts mean that additional dirt and debris that settles as dust around your house is constantly being circulated and expelled into the air your family breathes. This creates an extra cleaning burden for dusting and vacuuming. Cleaner air equals cleaner surfaces for all surfaces in the house."

Look outside your front door. Is it full of debris such as dead leaves, or dirt? Clean it up! Additional dirt on your front step equals more dirt and debris that is tracked into your home. Help keep the inside cleaner by minimizing the amount of unwanted filth outside. Less to track in means less gets tracked in!

The Mobile Cleaning Co, cleaning services Mobile AL, recommends spending time on the inner areas in your home as well. "You don't think about how often guests open up your refrigerators, cabinets, and closets when they visit your home, but they absolutely do!" Consider giving the refrigerator a good scrub. Not only will you have a beautiful gleaming fridge for your guests to behold, but you'll also have the chance to go through all of the food that is currently in your fridge to throw out expired or forgotten food taking up valuable real estate in your fridge during these two high stakes food-centric holidays."

Air out your closets so that your guests can store their coats and purses in a closet that doesn't smell like gym shoes. Use the chance to identify items that you might want to throw away or donate to make additional room, to welcome your guests.